Associate in Science

Liberal Arts (Wildlife Management Transfer)


Contact Information 

Margaret Brady, associate professor
Haverty Hall 234

Delivery Methods 

Face-to-Face: Wahpeton
Online: Some Classes

Wildlife management is a career for persons that have an aptitude for science, an ability to work with the public and a love of the outdoors. Wildlife managers may do many kinds of work. They give lectures to groups, act as law enforcement officers, and as conservation officers. Wildlife managers survey wildlife populations (whether resident or migratory) to estimate the abundance, variety, and distribution of animals in a region and to learn whether the available food and cover will support them. Managers may establish hunting and trapping seasons. 

All wildlife managers must have at least a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is common, and a doctoral degree is usually required for those who plan to go into wildlife research or teaching. Besides studies in the life sciences, students must take courses that will prepare them to work with the public, with researchers and with government agencies. Tact and communication skills are essential for managers because they often deal with people in their work.

Students entering the Wildlife Management transfer curriculum plan who do not have the proper prerequisites may need additional preparatory classes. 

The Wildlife Management transfer curriculum plan provides articulation into a professional curriculum. This plan also meets the Liberal Arts Program Purposes listed in the NDSCS Catalog.

In addition to this plan, other programs a student may transfer into are biology, natural science, environment science, and conservation. 

Admission Requirements

The applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent. Helpful courses to prepare for this program are biology, computer science, keyboarding, chemistry, zoology, mathematics, physics, and English. Applicants may be required to complete a basic skills evaluation during the admissions process.


Upon successful completion of the required courses, students will be awarded an Associate in Science degree in Liberal Arts.

Required Courses

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits

MATH 166 Calculus II and/or PHYS 212 College Physics II may be required for wildlife management majors by some universities. Consult with your advisor. 

This curriculum meets the North Dakota University System general education requirements as indicated in the NDSCS Catalog under the heading: NDUS General Education Transfer Agreement.

Total Required Credits