Associate in Science

Liberal Arts (Biotechnology Transfer)


Contact Information 

Dr. Bill Shay, professor
Haverty Hall 228

Delivery Methods 

Face-to-Face: Wahpeton
Online: Some Classes

The biotechnician has a diversified education in biology, chemistry, and physics. While a few entry-level jobs are available to biotechnicians with an A.S. or B.S. degree, most often the undergraduate Biotechnology curriculum is used as a stepping-stone to a M.D., M.S., or Ph.D. degree. A biotechnician with an A.S. or B.S. degree generally performs routine tasks and analytical procedures under the supervision of the research scientist.

Students choosing this plan should consult with the Mathematics and Science Department in selecting their courses since future plans of study at a four-year college may have specific requirements. In addition, a student should contact the college or university of their choice to confirm a list of recommended courses.

Students entering Biotechnology who do not have the proper prerequisites may need additional preparatory classes.

The Biotechnology transfer curriculum plan provides preparation for the professional curriculum and meets the Liberal Arts Program Purposes listed in the NDSCS Catalog.

In addition to the Biotechnology transfer curriculum plan, other programs a student may transfer into are biology, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, wildlife biology, agriculture, natural science, and conservation.

Admission Requirements

The applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent. Helpful courses to prepare for this program are biology, computer science, chemistry, mathematics, physics and English. Courses that develop reading and communications skills are also recommended. Applicants may be required to complete a basic skills evaluation during the admissions process.


Upon successful completion of the required courses, students will be awarded an Associate in Science degree in Liberal Arts.

Required Courses

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This curriculum meets the North Dakota University System general education requirements as indicated in the NDSCS Catalog under the heading: NDUS General Education Transfer Agreement.

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