Autonomous Systems Technology

Contact Information 

Lonnie Wurst, program coordinator
Barnard Hall 206

Delivery Methods 

Face-to-Face: Wahpeton

The Autonomous Systems Technology (AST) program is designed to provide students with the introductory technical knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to succeed in industries utilizing ground-based autonomous systems.

Students from a wide variety of majors will have the opportunity to earn a certificate by taking specialized courses specific to ground-based autonomous systems. The courses required for the AST certificate will enhance the student’s knowledge and skill set regarding autonomous systems and make them more marketable when entering the workforce.

Industries that hire AST graduates with the skill sets obtained in this program include: manufacturing, transportation, defense, and agriculture, among others.

This certificate program is structured to be taken in conjunction with another NDSCS academic program option.

NOTE: This program requires either an HP EliteBook 850 or ZBOOK 15 laptop or equivalent. Please refer to the NDSCS website for specifications. The cost will be approximately $1065.00 for the EliteBook 850 and $2100.00 for the ZBOOK 15, if purchased through NDSCS. For further information, contact Lonnie Wurst, program coordinator, at 701-671-2832.

Admission Requirements*

The applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent. Students considered for acceptance must complete all admission requirements. 

Please Note: Students are placed into English, math and reading courses based on ACT, ACCUPLACER or other nationally recognized tests. Please see www.NDSCS.edu/current-students/student-success/test-center for the NDSCS Course Placement Policy and testing information. Students may be on an extended plan of study pending their course placement.

*Program Admission Requirements are subject to revision. Please check the department or program website under Program Admission Requirements for current information.


Upon successful completion of the required courses, students will be awarded a certificate in Autonomous Systems Technology (AST).

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