MFGT 110: Industrial Shop Practices

Credits 2
An introduction to the procedures and practices used to develop fundamental industrial shop skills. Students enrolled in this class will learn and apply a variety of practical skills used to aid in any entry level industrial mechanical service occupation. The topics covered in this course are: general shop safety; MIG welding set-up and operation as well as welding simulation; Oxy-Fuel torch set-up and operation; basic measuring methods using tape measures, rulers, calipers, and micrometers; identification of SAE and ISO metric measuring systems; proper use and identification of basic shop tools; identification of twist drills and sharpening; identification and use of hand taps; fastener type and grade identification; Helicoil insert use; bolt extraction; properly demonstrate the use of mechanical type torque wrenches; properly demonstrate the use of electronic type torque wrenches; properly demonstrate the ability to torque according to industry standards.