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Academic Counselor

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The Technical Studies – Journeyworker Track program is designed to allow advanced standing to individuals who have completed a USDOL or federally approved apprenticeship training program of at least 6,000 hours (including a  minimum of 400 related study hours). It is a flexible program providing students the opportunity to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree by combining their previous apprenticeship training with college credit course work. Students will work with an advisor to design their own plan of study based on their personal career goals. The completion of this program will help students develop the skills and abilities needed for advancement in their current profession.

Green technology could be a large part of a student’s customized program. In today’s market that includes “smart” buildings, sustainable building materials, alternative fuels and changing technology, students may choose to customize plans that help them gain entry into a variety of new and emerging fields.

Individuals who are currently employed and are not able to relocate will find many of their courses are available in an online format or offered by NDSCS at a distant site. Availability of classes is limited by the student’s own plan of study.

For more information, contact the academic counselor at 1-800-342-4325, ext. 3-2257 or NDSCS–Fargo at 701-231-6901, ext. 1-6940. 

Students who wish to continue their education will find there are transfer options to four-year colleges and universities. For more information, see the academic counselor.

Admission Requirements*

The applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent. To receive advanced standing, they must provide official documentation of a completed USDOL or federally approved apprenticeship training program of at least 6000 hours (including a minimum of 400 related study hours). Students considered for acceptance must complete all admission requirements. 

Please Note: Students are placed into English, math and reading courses based on ACT, ACCUPLACER or other nationally recognized tests. Please see for the NDSCS Course Placement Policy and testing information. Students may be on an extended plan of study pending their course placement.

*Program Admission Requirements are subject to revision. Please check the department or program website under Program Admission Requirements for current information.


Upon successful completion of the required courses, students will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree in Technical Studies.

Required Courses for Journey-Level Certificate

32 credits of PLA 202: Prior Learning Assessment is required. This may be broken up on the transcript as multiple PLA 202 courses.

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits

General Education Courses

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits

- Consult academic advisor in selecting electives that are most appropriate. An academic plan must be developed and be placed on file in the Records office.

- Internships and cooperative education credits will not be accepted in lieu of the technical, business and/or general education course credits. 

PLA 202 credits will be transcripted after the successful completion of one NDSCS course.

Individuals seeking this degree will need to meet the NDSCS graduation requirement stating: At least 16 of the final 24 credits of the curriculum must be taken through NDSCS.

Total Required Credits