Refunding of Tuition & Fees

(per SBHE Policy 830.2-Refund Policy)

Financial Impacts of Dropping or Withdrawing 

NDSCS is required to follow the ND State Board of Higher Education Policy and Procedure 830.2 regarding class drops and/or withdrawals from college.

  • Refund eligibility is based on the date on which the drop/withdrawal is effective. See the NDSCS Drop/Withdrawal/ Refund Schedule found at
  • Any cost adjustments to a student’s original charges will first be applied to the semester’s outstanding NDSCS balance before a refund is issued to the student (if applicable).
  • A class that is dropped prior to the completion of 9 percent of the class session will receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees for the number of credits related to the dropped class. After 9 percent of the class session, no refund or tuition and fees will be received.

Financial Aid Recipients - All or a portion of financial aid may be returned to the funding source, based on the remaining number of credits for the semester and/or the date of withdrawal. This return of funds will be charged to the student’s NDSCS account, which may result in a balance owed to NDSCS. The balance will be the student’s responsibility to pay. Students who withdraw may be ineligible for federal student aid at NDSCS in the future.

For more information regarding dropping and withdrawing, please visit:

Additional information on withdraws and dropping of courses: Withdraw and Drops Policy