Associate in Applied Science

Information and Communications Technology (Web Design / Web Developer)

Contact Information 

Bonnie Schillinger, department chair
Horton Hall 227/NDSCS-Fargo 138

Delivery Methods 

Face-to-Face: Wahpeton
Face-to-Face: Fargo
Online: All Classes

Because we live in an IT oriented society, Web design offers a world-wide job market with unlimited locations and diverse environments. Websites are utilized for a variety of businesses. The World Wide Web has unveiled new opportunities for businesses creating a demand for web designers and web developers.

As the World Wide Web becomes a pervasive medium — just like TV, radio, film, and print — and as its influence grows beyond that of earlier media, the scope of essential designing skills for the web continues to expand. Because today’s web involves more than HTML coding and graphic design, it is important to engage designers with a full range of skills, who can develop websites that bring benefits to their intended users.

Formal education and real-world experience form a good basis for the development of a capable designer. This curriculum will enlarge student’s skill sets and knowledge basis which will assist in the ability to analyze, create, and revise websites.

For students wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university, please see the Computer Science or Management Information Systems Liberal Arts transfer curriculum plans listed in the Liberal Arts section of this catalog.


NDSCS has hardware and networking labs. Each of these labs has current equipment and software.

All Information and Communications Technology students are required to purchase laptop computers. These laptops give students adequate computer access to complete projects and assignments given in class.


The instructors for this program have formal educational training, industry training and certifications, and work experience in Information Technology. Laboratory time is scheduled into each student’s program to enable them to receive individual attention and hands-on computer experience.

NOTE: This program requires either an HP EliteBook  or ZBOOK laptop or equivalent. Please refer to the NDSCS website for specifications. For further information, contact the NDSCS ITS Department at 701-671-3333 option 5.

Admission Requirements*

The applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent. Helpful courses to prepare for this curriculum are keyboarding, Internet classes, and any publication type class.

Please Note: Students are placed into English, math and reading courses based on ACT, ACCUPLACER or other nationally recognized tests. Please see for the NDSCS Course Placement Policy and testing information. Students may be on an extended plan of study pending their course placement.

*Program Admission Requirements are subject to revision. Please check the department or program website under Program Admission Requirements for current information.


Upon successful completion of the required courses for the degree, students will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree in Information and Communications Technology with an emphasis in Web Developer.

After certificate courses are completed, below are the required courses for the Information and Communications Technology A.A.S. with emphasis in Web Developer degree

Required Courses

Course Code
1 - 3
Sub-Total Credits
Total Required Credits