Information and Communications Technology

Degrees and Certificates


CIS 110: eCommerce Websites

Credits 3

The students will explore and learn the theory and practice of conducting business over the Internet and World Wide Web. They will learn about strategies, technologies, marketing, and improving efficiency and reducing costs. The students will also explore the use of social networking, mobile commerce, and operating auction sites, the legal, ethical, and tax issues, electronic commerce software and hardware, security issues, along with payment systems utilized. (O)

CIS 120: Introduction to Data Science

Credits 2

This introductory course takes you inside the world of data science. You will explore the basic aspects of what data science, data analytics, and data engineering are and understand how machine learning is shaping the future. Students will also learn how to combine the science of data with the art of storytelling utilizing data, narrative, and visuals.

CIS 122: Data Analytics Essentials

Credits 2

This data analytics essentials course teaches students the fundamental tools of a data analyst. You will learn to transform, organize, and visualize data with spreadsheet tools and how to query data from a relational database. Students will also explore how to improve data presentations utilizing powerful business intelligence tools.