FIRE 207: Grain Bin Extraction & Rescue

Class Program
Credits 2

The scope of this course is to educate students about grain storage facility types, their construction, and their operating features. OSHA regulations, physical, and environmental hazards and potential rescue resources will be identified to ensure the response falls within the requirements minimizing fire department civil or criminal liability. Scene management and safety are discussed in conjunction with locating and making contact with the victim. Appropriate non-entry rescue efforts are identified. Various cutting tools are used in a simulated rescue to assist in the removal of grain from the system. Upon completion of this class, the student will possess the ability to function as a support member to a rescue team conducting rescue operations at a grain storage facility. The training utilizes the NDFA Mobile Grain Bin Engulfment Rescue Trailer. Each hands-on session begins with a safety briefing, which includes an orientation of the trailer, followed by rescue evolutions under live conditions