CSCI 116: Business Use of Computers

Class Program
Credits 3
3 credits - This course is designed to teach the use of Microsoft Office in the business environment covering the most critical topics of Windows and Microsoft Office, to include Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, along with Cloud Computing. Students will be able to apply technology skills to enhance both their personal and professional lives. Additional topics include email basics and use of the Internet. No prior computer experience is assumed. Windows PC required. 4 credits - This course adds on to the 3 credit version by reflecting upon the role various forms of electronic and digital technology can play in today's information age. Students will integrate the Office applications and be introduced to additional technologies including Pivot Tables, OneNote and sharing documents in their Cloud Storage. (Credit awarded for CIS 101 or CSCI 116, not both.) (F, S, Su, O) ND:COMPSC