Unauthorized and/or illegal possession, display or use of firearms, explosives or other weapons is prohibited. Possession, display or storage of weapons in College-owned buildings is prohibited. All firearms must be registered with NDSCS Police upon arrival to NDSCS.

  • Firearms and weapons include, but are not limited to, airsoft guns, BB guns, dart guns, handguns, paint ball guns, pellet guns, rifles, shotguns, stun guns or similar device designed to deliver an electric shock.
  • Explosives include, but are not limited to, bombs, explosives, fireworks and other incendiary devices. Incendiary devices are defined as any flammable substance enclosed in a readily breakable container that can be equipped with an igniter of any type.
  • Other weapons include, but are not limited to, martial arts implements, dangerous fuels and chemicals, daggers, knives, sabers, swords, and bows and arrows. Any object may be considered a weapon when used to inflict or threaten infliction of bodily injury or property damage.
  • Throwing or casting any object into, upon, or against any building, structure, motor vehicle or at any person is prohibited.

This policy shall not prohibit individuals or student organizations from possessing, storing or using weapons at approved locations for the purpose of meeting requirements of educational programs and/or approved activities being conducted by a student group recognized by the College. For authorization, contact the NDSCS Police Department at 701-671-2233.

NDSCS Police provides storage for students to store sporting arms, such as those used for hunting and other shooting sports. An officer must be present for check-in/check-out. Contact the NDSCS Police Department at 701-671-2233 to make arrangements for weapons storage.