Transfer Credit

NDSCS recognizes off-campus learning experiences and translates these experiences into college credit where appropriate. Application for advanced standing should be made to the Registrar’s office. Advanced standing may be obtained through the following methods:

Credits Received at Other Recognized Educational Institutions 

NDSCS will transcript all coursework from all regionally and nationally accrediting organizations recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), including the American Council on Education. The student’s grade point average at NDSCS is an institutional grade point average for all residential credits only. Transfer credits will not be included in student’s grade point average.

Exception to this policy applies to Joint Services Transcripts, Sanford Ambulance records, or at the discretion of the Registrar. 

Any academic program specific courses accepted by the College in transfer, will be applied to the student’s program curriculum at the discretion of the academic department.

A decision concerning the acceptance of transfer credits will not be made until an official transcript has been received from the institution the student previously attended.

Please refer to for further explanation regarding the transfer of credits to NDSCS. Search for transfer to NDSCS and click on the NDSCS TES button.

Graduate level coursework is not transcripted and will only be used to meet undergraduate requirements in unique situations. Such instances require the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The student’s grade point average at NDSCS is an institutional grade point average for all residential credits only.

Transfer students must meet assessment criteria unless previous college records indicate satisfactory completion of first year college English and math courses.

Credit by Articulation Agreement 

Students enrolled in secondary schools that have an articulation agreement with NDSCS may utilize the processes to receive college credit. The grade earned may be recorded on the transcript as an articulated course with either a satisfactory or a letter grade. Articulation agreements provide an opportunity for post-secondary credit based on competencies acquired while in high school. For further information, contact Enrollment Services.

Students scoring satisfactorily on the subject examinations of the College-Level Examinations Program (CLEP) may receive college credit as adopted according to SBHE Policy 403.7(3)(d).

Military Services Experiences 

Admitted enrolled students who have earned additional or college level work for credit in a United States Armed Forces Institute program may request their scores be presented to the Enrollment Services office. The credit will be evaluated by the registrar using the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. Credit will be allowed only for those courses equivalent to those offered at NDSCS. Credits may also be earned from military experience and/or through challenge exams with departmental approval. The Enrollment Services office will be responsible for credit entry

No cost is assessed for this service.