TrainND SE offers courses and customized programs for many industries. More importantly, we make our training fit your organization and your needs.

We will:

  • Train at NDSCS-Wahpeton, NDSCS-Fargo, at your site or virtually.
  • Customize every program to address your specific challenges and deliver exactly the experience your employees need.
  • Tailor courseware to deliver only topics you select.
  • Maximize cost effectiveness by training on multiple topics in a single program.
  • Deliver private training on any of the topics we regularly offer.

Our open enrollment option is ideal for individual(s) seeking training regardless if they are representing a company/ organization, self-employed or an individual seeking skills for their personal benefit.

As a member of the TrainND statewide workforce training system, the Division for Workforce Affairs can link you to state and region-wide networks of professionals and resources for the exact training you need to become more competitive.

For a comprehensive list of our course offerings, visit our website