Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is a one-stop place for students to go for assistance or concerns with a variety of academic resources to support our students as they work to achieve their academic goals.

Accessibility Services 

Accessibility Services office provides access to accommodations based on a student’s documented disability. Individuals with physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairments, speech or language impairments, learning disabilities or other health-related impairments may be eligible for accommodations.

To receive services, a student with a disability must contact the accessibility support office coordinator to:

  • Self-disclose disability;
  • Fill out the Application for Services and Release of Information forms;
  • Provide appropriate documentation regarding disability; and
  • Request services and/or accommodations.

The accessibility coordinator will determine eligibility for accommodations and send an eligibility notice to students. If a student with a disability visits campus and has access needs, contact the accessibility coordinator. The accessibility services coordinator works with Academic Services, counseling services, housing, dining services and instructors to ensure equal access to academic programs and student life.

Academic Guidance and Support

  • Provide guidance in choosing a major and/or career path
  • Help with planning a class schedule and course registration
  • Provide current information about course requirements (prerequisites, assessment exams, and deadlines)
  • Follow-up and support students needing/requesting assistance or are struggling academically
  • Refer students to additional campus and community services
  • Administration of Career Ready Internship program

Career Services 

  • Assistance with creating connections with employers
  • Annual Career Fair (for all NDSCS students, 200+ employers visit campus)
  • Help with job search skills (mock interviews, resume writing, etc.)
  • Facilitation of Cooperative Education program
  • Exclusive access to online job-posting site
  • Coordination of student sponsorship programs

Career Exploration and Counseling 

Assist students with exploring occupations and selecting an academic program that best fits with their strengths and abilities.

New Student Orientation

Orientation may be face-to-face or online, depending on where you are taking the majority of your classes. Orientation is mandatory for all new students.

Test Center

The Test Center provides proctoring for online testing, ACCUPLACER placement testing, and an alternative testing site for students who qualify. More information can be found at


  • Free tutoring to all NDSCS students
  • Individual and small group study sessions
  • Tutor schedules are online at

Tutoring is located in the Student Success Center in Old Main 130.

Tutoring is located in Room 147A.

Requests for Tutors
Requests for tutors in areas not currently offered, should be directed to the student support coordinator at 701- 671-2278. Students wishing to gain employment as a tutor should contact the student support coordinator. Tutoring requests are welcome, but not guaranteed and are based on student need, ability to find qualified tutors, and scheduling considerations.

SMARTHINKING provides live, web-based tutoring in a variety of subjects. This service supplements our existing academic support services by offering real-time online tutoring and homework help for core courses and skills up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students can access SMARTHINKING through their NDSCS Online account.

Veteran Affairs (VA School Certifying Official)

  • Directs students to VA education application information
  • Certifies and updates student enrollment with the VA
  • Serves as a liaison to the VA (related to education benefits)