Role of the North Dakota University System Regarding Grievances

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education has delegated to North Dakota University System (NDUS) college and university officials the authority and responsibility to resolve student and other complaints. Absent applicable law or policy establishing another remedy, the first step in resolving student or other complaints or grievances is to attempt to resolve the matter directly with the administration of the involved institution under established institution complaint or grievance procedures. Every NDUS institution is required to establish, publish, and enforce policies related to redress of complaints and grievances. With limited exceptions, a student or other person who contacts the NDUS office regarding complaints regarding NDUS institutions will be referred to college or university officials responsible for resolving those matters.

With the exception of reporting fraud, waste or abuse as noted in NDUS Procedure 513, the NDUS does not review anonymous complaints or matters that are or have been in litigation. Further, matters concerning an individual’s grades or examination results are the prerogative of the college/university faculty.

Please see NDUS Procedure 513 at for a complete copy of this information.