Payment Due Dates

Students incur new costs for each semester they enroll in at NDSCS. The due date for payment is the 12th day of each semester (September, January, June). All charges related to tuition, fees, Bookstore, housing, dining plans, etc. are due in full by each semester’s due date. These dates can be found at

The student’s current balance is available 24 hours a day by going to All billing notifications are sent electronically to the student’s NDSCS email address at the beginning of each month. Since students can make changes that affect their balance up to and after the 12th day of the semester, electronic statement notifications will not be sent again on the semester’s due date; instead, students should access their up-to-date balance at

Registration may be cancelled if payment is not received by the 12th semester day unless signed arrangements have previously been made with the Business Affairs office. All financial aid files must be complete and accepted prior to the 12th semester day in order for the funds to be considered towards the student’s balance when determining the cancellation of their registration. Students will not be allowed to enroll in subsequent semesters and transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations to the college have been paid in full.