NURS 204: Maternal Child

Class Program
Credits 4

This course focuses on the role and scope of practice of the registered nurse in the care of childbearing families and the developing child. Content and learning objectives are designed to utilize critical reasoning and skills necessary to collect and interpret data, use knowledge synthesized from psychosocial and physiological sciences to evaluate nursing care. The student will explore the nurse¿s responsibilities in the provisions of holistic, safe, competent nursing care for the child bearing process and selected study of diseases/disorders affecting women, children and families. Students will explore the inter-disciplinary, collaborative role of the nurse to demonstrate technical and interpersonal skills in the management of health promotion and maintenance of culturally diverse clients including women, infants and children. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the first three semesters of the Associate in Applied Science Registered Nursing curriculum with a minimum of a ¿C¿ in each course that applies the nursing curriculum. Corequisites: NURS 205, NURS 206, NURS 207 and NURS 208. (S)