NURS 133 : Practical Nursing Clinical

Class Program
Credits 4

This course provides supervised clinical experience in which the student applies theories in the care of the biopsychosocial, spiritual and culturally diverse maternal, pediatric and adult clients at various developmental levels. The student will utilize nursing process concepts in providing holistic care to the acutely and chronically ill stable patient/client. Students assess developmental and biopsychosocial, spiritual and culturally diverse needs of the clients and family on the health/illness continuum to assist the client in setting goals to adapt to their environment and plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care to meet those goals under the direction of the registered nurse. The student will apply the teaching/learning process in the education of the client and family. Emphasis is placed on the role and responsibility of the practical nurse in the acute care settings including medical surgical nursing, pediatric and maternal nursing. This clinical will also include a leadership rotation at the end of the program. (F)