North Dakota University System Computer & Network Usage Policy

See NDUS policy 1901.2 – Computing Facilities: for information related to acceptable use of college technology at NDSCS. For additional information, call ITS Service Desk at 701-671-3333 or email

The following is a partial list of unacceptable uses of the NDSCS electronic resources:

  • Unauthorized use, sharing, lending or borrowing of an account;
  • Using computer services or facilities for purposes other than those for which the account was issued;
  • Copying, altering, or destroying the files of another individual without the express permission of that individual;
  • Altering system software or hardware configuration, or disrupting or interfering with the delivery or administration of computer resources;
  • Misrepresenting oneself as another individual or entity in electronic communications;
  • Using the College’s network system to download copyright-protected media without permission including, but not limited to, books, music, movies, television programs and games;
  • Exceeding college bandwidth limits;
  • Sharing or distributing copyright-protected media without authorization of the content owner;
  • Abusing or misusing the computer facilities so as to cause damage, to disturb or harass others;
  • Using the College’s network system to enter obscene material into college-owned computers or send obscene material through the Internet or any other electronic system; and/or
  • Any other violation of NDSCS policies governing electronic communications.