NDSCS Online & Remote Delivery

NDSCS offers the following academic emphases that can be completed entirely by internet-based delivery.

  • Business Management (A.A.S. degree)
    • Business Technology Management (A.A.S. degree) (third-year option)
    • Marketing, Sales and Hospitality Services (A.A.S. degree)
  • General Liberal Arts (A.A. degree
  • Health Information (certificate, A.A.S. degree)
    • Health Information (certificate, A.A.S. degree)
    • Medical Coding (certificate)
  • Information and Communications Technology (certificate, A.A.S. degree)
    • Software Coding (certificate)
    • Software Engineering (A.A.S. degree)
    • Web Design (certificate)
    • Web Developer (A.A.S. degree)
  • Pharmacy Technician (certificate, A.A.S. degree) (some classes have face-to-face components) Note for online students: Specific meeting days and times are required for remote students to attend online.

For more information on these academic options, please see the NDSCS Catalog or visit the website at www.NDSCS.edu.

For additional information about online and other remote delivery programs and courses, co-/prerequisites, course descriptions, technical requirements or college services, visit www.NDSCS.edu or call the Distance Education office at 1-800-342-4325, ext. 3-2347.