Mechanical Systems

Degrees and Certificates


MSYS 103: Math for Mechanical Systems Technicians

Credits 3
A basic math course with emphasis on development of useful skills in layout, measurement and computation of pipe lengths and fitting allowances, as well as a study of elevation, grade and volumes as it pertains to the trades. (F)

MSYS 132: Advanced Hydronics Systems Lab

Credits 2
This course covers hydronic heating from boiler operation to hydronic heating systems, forced-air, convention and radiant. The course includes classroom and laboratory assignments. (S)

MSYS 141: Introduction To Electricity

Credits 2
A study of basic electricity for plumbers including applications such as water heaters, pumps, hot-water heating systems and their associated controls is offered with this course. (S)

MSYS 151: Drafting and Sketching

Credits 2
A practical course in drafting, sketching, scale reading, geometric construction and interpretation of drawings. The principles involved are sufficient in depth to give the student the working knowledge and skills required for the major program areas. (S)

MSYS 292: Experimental Course

Credits 1
A course designed to meet special departmental needs during new course development. It is used for one year after which time the course is assigned a different number.