MATL 214: Machinist Lab II

Class Program
Credits 7
Each student will program, setup and operate CNC lathes and mills, sinker and wire E.D.M.'s on a variety of required lab jobs. Additional experience producing parts to accurate dimensions is highly stressed. Speed of completion becomes very important in this class. All students will be involved in a full-scale production capstone project that involves building and assembling a production tool or machine consisting of at least 30 precision machined components. This project requires them to use all of the knowledge gained in both MATL 205 and MATL 206 to efficiently use time and resources available to complete the job while meeting stringent timelines and high quality standards. This capstone project gives students real-world manufacturing experience as well as the chance to work with other students and even other departments as a team to identify and solve real manufacturing problems. Jigs and fixtures required to align and hold parts during machining also will be designed and built by students. (S)