MATL 206: CNC and CAD-CAM Programming

Class Program
Credits 3
The theory and practices learned in MATL 205 along with advanced programming and set-up techniques in multi-axis machine tools up to 4 axis' are taught in this class. Several advanced projects will be programmed, set up and run by students on CNC turning centers and CNC machining centers. In addition, a major capstone programming project is done in this class that requires full scale production methods used in producing more than 30 components that will be manufactured and assembled to produce a finished working machine or production tool. Introduction to basic CAD-CAM programming to 2 1/2 dimensions is also covered in this class to aid in producing the capstone project. Set-up and operation of DNC software for uploading and downloading NC files is stressed in this class. Each student will advance from simple to complex programming as their ability and interest permits. (F)