Grading System

A letter grade is used to indicate the quality of a student’s work in a course. Grade points are assigned for each letter grade so a grade-point average can be calculated. The system is as follows:

Grade Grade Points Grade Explanation Per Credit
A Excellent 4.0
B Good 3.0
C Average 2.0
D Poor 1.0
F Failure  0.0
Au Audit
S Satisfactory  
U Unsatisfactory  
I Incomplete  
W Withdrawal  
WV Waive  
X In Progress  
NR Not Reported  
  • The grade of “Incomplete” must be removed no later than the end of the mid-term examination week in the next college term, excluding the summer sessions. If the “Incomplete” is not removed by this time, it will automatically be changed to “F” or “U” by the Enrollment Services office.
  • The grade of “Incomplete” is given at the instructor’s discretion and is dependent on missing work and attendance.
  • The summer session is not considered in determining the time allowed for make-up of “I” grades.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to see that “I” grades are made up.
  • The term “Withdrew” is to be used when a student officially drops a course.