Challenge Examinations

A student may seek credit by challenging a course if available by department. Students intending to challenge courses are strongly encouraged to do so the semester prior to when the class would normally be taken. This allowance does not apply to (a) courses for which nationally standardized examinations exist and are accepted by system wide agreements or (b) courses covered by articulation agreements with secondary schools. Students may not challenge a course in which they are actively enrolled or have previously earned a grade. The course challenge fee is 50 percent of the regular tuition charge, must be paid in advance of taking the challenge exam, and is nonrefundable. Students challenging online classes will be charged an additional online access fee.

Successful challenge grades must be a “C” or better and will be posted to the student’s transcript as test credits. Students should be aware that challenge grades may not be accepted in transfer by some other colleges. Unsuccessful challenges are not recorded.

The Challenge Exam Request form and Challenge Exam Policy and Procedure are available by contacting the Student Success Center.