Auditing Courses

A student may wish to take a course for no credit. This is completed by auditing the course. A student who wishes to enroll in a course as an “audit” must seek prior consent from the instructor. To enroll in an audit course, the student would need to meet with an academic counselor. To earn an audit, the student is not required to complete daily assignments or take examinations; however, is expected to maintain satisfactory attendance in order to have an “AU” recorded on the transcript. While a student cannot fail an audit course, an instructor may file a “W” (withdrawn) for non-attendance. A student may not later establish credit in an audited course by taking a special examination; the course must be repeated in residence to earn credits. Additionally, auditing a course will not be used to satisfy a prerequisite for another course. A course initially registered as an audit will be charged 50 percent of tuition, plus applicable fees.

A student may drop a graded course and add it as an audit. This must be completed by the last day to add a course for the session attributable to the course.

Financial aid is not awarded for audited course work for either a full or part-time status.