Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension & Reinstatement Policy

The academic warning, probation and suspension policy is designed to give a student every possible opportunity to be successful in a college program.

The student is expected to maintain the following cumulative grade-point average:

GPA Units Institutional GPA
9-16 1.50
17-33 1.75
34-50 1.85
51+ 2.00

Academic Warning

Failure to maintain the indicated grade point average will result in the student being placed on academic warning. Students and their advisors are notified in writing that the quality of the student’s work has fallen below acceptable standards and should this unsatisfactory condition continue during the subsequent semester, the student may be placed on academic probation.

Academic Probation 

After one semester on academic warning, students may be placed on academic probation if their cumulative gradepoint averages are not within the limits previously stated.

If the student achieves at least a 2.0 GPA during the subsequent semester(s) of enrollment but still does not achieve the required cumulative grade point average, he/she continues on probation until that requirement is satisfied. (Summer session is equivalent to one semester.)

Any student who is on academic probation and transfers from one program to another will continue to be on probation in the new program until the probationary terms are met.

Academic Suspension 

Students who fail to achieve at least a 2.0 grade point average for each of the subsequent semesters while on probation will be placed on academic suspension. Students who are suspended will not be readmitted until a lapse of one regular semester (fall or spring) has occurred and are not eligible to return during a summer semester due to the condensed format of courses.

Students who choose to appeal their academic suspension may do so by following the Academic Reinstatement Process listed below.

Academic Reinstatement Process

A student placed on academic suspension may appeal the suspension by completing the Appeal for Academic Reinstatement Form and filing it with the Enrollment Services office by the date stated in the Notification of Suspension. Students appealing their suspension must provide supporting documentation explaining the compelling circumstances they wish to have considered. Examples of compelling evidence may include: documented medical conditions, death of a family member, divorce and/or dependent support issues, legal problems and other extenuating circumstances that have affected the student’s ability to meet required academic standards. This form is available through the Registrar’s office, Haverty Hall, Room 101, by calling 701-671-2521, or online at If a reinstatement is granted and the student does not meet the required GPA the semester they are reinstated, the student will be suspended for one academic year with no option for appeal. Students who are suspended are not eligible to enroll in courses during a summer semester. Students are eligible for reinstatement during fall and spring semesters only.

The registrar or other designated academic official will gather the appeal request and academic information from the student. The Academic Review Committee will review provided documentation, meet with the student and make a decision to lift or uphold the suspension.

If the suspension is upheld, the student may advance a written appeal to the Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs within five business days of the response. The vice president or their designee shall review the appeal and other relevant information and inform the student of the decision within five business days. The decision of the vice president is final.

If the student chooses to appeal an academic suspension decision, he/she is allowed to register and attend classes pending a resolution of the appeal. The student is responsible for any charges (tuition, fees, housing, dining services, tools, etc.) incurred during the review process. The student must adhere to the NDSCS Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Conduct.

All students have the right to present an appeal in accordance to the steps outlined in this policy and are assured freedom from discrimination, coercion, restraint or reprisal in presenting appeal.

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