Academic Forgiveness for NDSCS Courses

Students Currently Enrolled at NDSCS

Upon successful completion of one semester (12 credits of 2.00 GPA), students may request academic forgiveness for previously taken courses that do not apply to their (new) currently-enrolled program. All requests must be in writing to the NDSCS Registrar. Courses that are assigned academic forgiveness may not be used to meet graduation requirements in a current or future program. Courses will remain on the student’s academic transcript but will not be calculated as a part of the cumulative grade point average. Academic forgiveness cannot be requested for courses that have been used to meet graduation requirements in another curriculum.

Students Enrolled at Another Institution 

NDSCS does not provide academic forgiveness for students who are enrolled at another institution. NDSCS respects the right of the receiving institution to award academic forgiveness if they deem it to be appropriate.